The Grammy Awards – 2017

Music’s biggest night was held last night (February 12, 2017).

The interminable show had some great moments, and some moments became a snooze fest.

Let’s start with Adele. The now 15-time Grammy Award winning artist began the show with her hit “Hello.” Though Adele was pitchy in some spots, she knew how to execute her stage presence. Of course, we can’t forget the George Michael tribute – dropping the “F” bomb on live T.V. and starting over. The great thing about her is that she can pull it off. She is known to stop in mid-performance and restart.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

And let’s not forget the heartfelt speech after receiving the Grammy for Album of the Year.  I have to agree with Adele on her opinion that Beyonce’s Lemonade should have won the accolade. It turns out that more people are buying Beyonce’s album more than Adele’s 25. Beyonce was moved to tears after Adele’s genuine act of praising the Queen Bee’s masterpiece. This is why we need more musicians like these two.

1280_beyonce_grammys_2017_performance_full.jpgSpeaking of Beyonce – the iconic artist gave a remarkable performance. Love Drought and Sandcastles were two songs she chose – mellow in tempo and style. The choices make sense since she is pregnant with twins. Her Goddess outfit was debonair with holographic imagery in the background.

One more performance that was incredible was Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince. Mars captured the spirit of the late artist with the exuberant guitar solo near the end of the set.

There were a lot of misses during the award show as well. First of all, the length of the ceremony – almost 4 hours in the making, was unnecessary. I look forward to award shows to see who won, not to see the whole world of musicians perform on the same night. If artists are nominated, they should perform. If they are not nominated, they should stay put in their chairs, or just stay home.

One thing that is painful to watch is the host. They have to make people laugh. James Corden did some skits that were funny, but some were misses. We all can thank Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter) stepping in to make the awkward Sweet Caroline skit cuter than what it began to be.

It seems that the Grammys are now famous for technical malfunctions.  James Hetfield’s mic was a no-go, while Lady Gaga crushed her performance. The music in most of the performances was too loud and couldn’t hear the singers. Time to fire the SRT staff?

Ed Sheeran was good, but his performance was not memorable.

landscape-1486959203-bruno-mars-princeAnother note is the political statement during the night. A Tribe Called Quest gave a Resist-Trump performance with minorities taking place on the stage. Katy Perry also gave a political stance in her performance by knocking down walls and behind it was the Constitution of the United States.

I also had an issue with the presenter’s introduction speeches. “This person once said this, this once artist once said that.” Okay, we get it, these legends said great stuff, but we do not need every presenter to start off with the same statement.

To conclude, I have a special message to the Recording Academy – please lessen the performances, broaden the awards, stop cutting people off with their acceptant speeches, and replace your SRT guys.


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