Product Review: Bo-Pep Finger Rest for Flute

I love playing the Flute. I try to fit in as much practice time as possible when I am not working.

Since I can remember playing my first couple of notes, my left wrist cramps up and sharp pains come through. This is the fact that I have large hands. As you can imagine, this would cut my practice time in half.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through Fluteworld’s Website and discovered Bo Pep’s Finger Rest. Now I have seen these products on some flutes from my peers and the symphony. I would have guessed it was for players with small hands. It turns out that there is also finger rests for players with big hands.

2017-03-11 15.47.54.jpgYay!

I purchased a Finger Rest to see if this would solve my wrist problem. This product snaps onto the flute, between the C# and C keys.

The first time using it felt weird on my left index finger. My hand was not used to the new rest. My left index finger started to feel a little pain. After an hour practice, my index finger was sore.

From an anatomy standpoint, this was due to the fact that my wrist and hand was introduced to a new position.

After two weeks with the finger rest, my wrist is never in pain and my finger in my left hand do not tense up as often.

This product is terrific with players with large hands and I highly recommend the Bo-Pep Finger Rest. If you have small-medium hands, try the Bo-Pep Finger Saddle. It may lessen the tension from your hands and could improve your technique!

2017-03-11 15.49.58

2017-03-11 15.49.23

2017-03-11 15.48.58


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